Fiji and Alaska: Earthquakes 17-23 July 2014

Earthquakes 19-23 July 2014. Image credit: USGS

This week saw earthquakes around the Pacific, including Fiji and Alaska. Smaller, quarry-related blasts are also of interest.

Japan, the Philippines, and Yes, Oklahoma Again: Earthquakes 10-16 July 2014

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The largest earthquakes in the world this week occurred in the western Pacific – and the series of tremors in Oklahoma continues.

M4.2 (12 July) and M3.9 (14 July), Oklahoma: the Earthquake Series Continues

Oklahoma fracking quake swarm

Two notable earthquakes in Oklahoma on 12 and 14 July 2014 represent the continuation of an earthquake series associated with human activity.

Southern Mexico, the Himalyas and the Rockies: Earthquakes 3-9 July 2014

The week's earthquakes in the Indo-Eurasian collision zone. Image credit: USGS

This week an earthquake in southern Mexico killed three people, while other earthquakes occurred in the western Himalayan margin and in California and Arizona.

South Sandwich Islands, Samoa and Arizona: Earthquakes 26 June-2 July 2014

The earthquake in the South Sandwich Islands. Image credit: USGS

Arizona may have been the main talking point, but there were also major earthquakes this week in the South Atlantic and in the Pacific.