Antarctica Telescope Finds Direct Evidence for Cosmic Inflation

First images of gravitational wave effects in the Cosmic Microwave Background. Observed by the BICEP-2 telescope at the South Pole. Image courtesy of Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

Researchers have found direct evidence of Cosmic Inflation, a theory that suggests ripples in the fabric of spacetime produced an enormous hyper-expansion of space after the Big Bang.

Faster than the Speed of Light? NASA Looks at Warp Drive


Stories of wormholes flood science-fiction films and TV shows; new research may be turning this fiction to fact – proving abbreviated space travel possible.

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Why Christmas Lights Can Get Hot: Electrical Safety During Holidays

Fluorescent bulbs are gas'discharge lamps. Photo by Alvimann.

Fluorescent Christmas lights can get hot due to poor electrical connections in the lamp base – are these bulbs dangerous?

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The 2010 Physics Ig Nobel: Physics of Preventing Winter Slips and Falls

Would you wear socks over your shoes to walk safely on ice?
Image by xandert.

Wearing socks over shoes is a cheap, simple and effective method of preventing winter slips, falls and accidents and won the Physics Ig in 2010.

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The 2013 Physics Ig Nobel: How to Run on Water

Running on Water Experiment

Lacquaniti and his team proved that it is possible for humans to run on water under reduced gravity, and so received the 2013 Ig Nobel in Physics.

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