Mexico, Alaska and the English Channel: Earthquakes 23-30 July 2014

The week's larges tremor was a subduction-related even in Mexico. Image credit: USGS

This week’s earthquakes included a shallow subduction-related tremor in Alaska – and an unusual M4.0 in the English Channel.

Weather Around The World: Urban Tornado; Deadly Lightning; Record Cold; Tropical Storms; And The Future Of Hockey

The disturbance that will probably be named Bertha is in the middle of the Atlantic, while another has just come off Africa. Courtesy of NOAA

There’s unusual weather at opposite ends of the US and a record cold spell in between. The tropics heat up, and global warming will affect hockey. Find out what, where, and why.

M3.5 Earthquake Near Seattle Washington: 28 July 2014

Earthquakes around the Juan de Fuca plate since 1900. Image credit: USGS

The earthquake which struck west of Seattle on 28 july is just one of many types of ‘quake which can occur off the Pacific coast of the north west USA.

Bebe’s Kids: Crime, the Black Community, and Sean Bergin

crying child

Local reporter Sean Bergin’s comments about crime and fatherless youth in the black community raised a firestorm of criticism, but was he right or wrong?

Ebola Virus Outbreak Fear in Sierra Leone, West Africa spreads to Nigeria

Ebola outbreak map

The Ebola outbreak is severe; now concentrated in major African cities which have direct links to the United States through international air routes.