Post-It-Notes For Feet: Sticky Protein Enhances Starfish Stride

Star Fish Tube Feet Up Close / Credit: Elise Hennebert

We know how geckos stick to dry surfaces – and now researchers have isolated the proteins responsible for a starfish’s underwater adhesive abilities.

Weather Around The World This Week: Pick Your Poison

Category five tropical cyclone Ita as it approached Australia. Satellite photo courtesy of NOAA

Snow, Rain, Heat, Cold, Drought, Wind, and a disappearing moon. This week’s weather had it all. Is there more in store?

Runaway/Throwaway Children: Predictors and Preventions


What makes kids run away? What’s a throwaway child? Our society needs to take a hard look at these numbers to prevent further damage to our youth.

Hornworts Loan Genes to Ferns for Shady Environments

How did ferns evolve the ability to utilize low levels of light? Image courtesy of Fay-Wei Li

Think GMOs are unnatural? Think again: Horizontal Gene Transfer, the exchange of genetic material between unrelated organisms, occurs in both plants and animals during evolution.

Good Moon Risin’ – Red Moon At Night, Everyone’s Delight


Tonight’s full moon will look red during its total eclipse. Most in North America will be able to see the ‘Blood moon,’ if they look around 3:00 AM, EDT. It will be worth it.