Bebe’s Kids: Crime, the Black Community, and Sean Bergin

crying child

Local reporter Sean Bergin’s comments about crime and fatherless youth in the black community raised a firestorm of criticism, but was he right or wrong?

Choice Bias and the Human Brain: My Choice is Good, Yours is Not

Do preferences have a biological underpinning? Image by jkt_de.

A new study has found the neurological basis for our preference for the things we choose ourselves, over what others give us.

Real Beauty Campaigns: Postfeminism or Clever Marketing?

little girl with lipstick

Is the relationship between women and beauty products changing? The popularity of the song Try by Colbie Caillat raises questions about women’s attitudes toward natural beauty and toward companies selling makeup and other “beauty products.” In the video, women wearing little or no make-up are featured as the artist sings “You don’t have to try […]

Time Alone to Think: A Painful Activity?

Meditation provides subjective wellbeing. Image by Andulusia.

Do you enjoy time alone with your thoughts? Research found some people want distraction so much that they’ll self-administer an electric shock to avoid thinking.

The Needs of Immigrant Children Crossing the Border

Immigrant children may suffer from PTSD. Image by puravida.

Immigrant kids crossing the U.S. border don’t just need food, shelter, and school. Fleeing from violence means the children also need psychological support.