Anthropology and Ethnography: Applying Science to International Relations


How does anthropology relate to science? International relations couldn’t get by without the study of other cultures.

Linguistics: A Short Introduction to the Beating Heart of Human Communications

Everyday conversation may convey different meanings to you and your friends. Image by Jusben

Linguistics encompasses topics ranging from morphology to phonology and syntax – by using these tools, we can examine how we communicate with one another.

Charles Darwin and The Galapagos Islands: Birthplace of Evolutionary Theory

Saddle-back tortoises can lift their heads to feed off vegetation from bushes and  trees. Images courtesy of Leslie Cohen, the author.

The Galapagos Islands are the birthplace of Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection. How do anthropologists study the ‘survival of the fittest?’

The Krampus and The Befana: Shady Santa’s Helpers


The U.S. is one of the only places that only encourages a “Good Santa.” World-wide, parents teach children that there are evil deities watching them, too.

St. Nicholas, SinterKlass, or “Santa” – Festival Rituals

The thought of "Santa Claus" brings annual joy to thousands of children world-wide. Little do they know that Santa is no more than a myth. Image by Melodi2.

Another of today’s Christmas staples, “Santa Claus,” is a conglomeration of “St. Nicholas,” the characters in Odin’s tales, and tradition.