Five Proven Ways You Can Manage Stress: Research Provides Answers


Stress is bad for you – but what can you do about it? Try these 5 research-backed methods of reducing stress, to calm down and improve your health.

Distract Yourself for Better Mental Health

Distraction may be used by therapists to reduce symptoms. Image by kamuelaboy.

How can you achieve better mental health, and heal from painful memories? According to new research, distraction, not suppression, may be the answer.

Will Obamacare Create a Decrease in Depression?

Having health care available may improve mental health. Image by LilJoel

Oregon study shows Medicare reduces depression in low-income families. Could implementation of Obamacare improve mental health across the United States?

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Responses to Crisis: Antionette Tuff and Superman

One bookkeeper's calm, cool demeanor saved the lives of countless kids. Image by shaka

Antionette Tuff is a superhero to kids whose lives she saved through cool and emotionally-intelligent negotiation with a troubled and well-armed intruder.

Compulsive Shopping: Money Management, Motivation, and Expectations


New studies examine the links between compulsive shopping and materialism, finding that careful money management is key to resolving spending problems.

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