Real Beauty Campaigns: Postfeminism or Clever Marketing?

little girl with lipstick

Is the relationship between women and beauty products changing? The popularity of the song Try by Colbie Caillat raises questions about women’s attitudes toward natural beauty and toward companies selling makeup and other “beauty products.” In the video, women wearing little or no make-up are featured as the artist sings “You don’t have to try […]

Well-Intended Social Support Often Rejected

How can you help someone who needs support? Image by taliesin

If you think you’re helping a sad friend or family member by offering positive thoughts, you may be wrong. Many people prefer empathy over optimism.

Justina Pelletier: The Role of Child Protective Services in Medical Child Abuse

Medical child abuse is a less common type of child abuse. Image by imelonchon.

Was Justina Pelletier victimized by her parents – or by Child Protective Services? Doctors must report suspected abuse, but 16 months is a long time for a teenager and her family.

Facebook News Feed Manipulation: Are Online Emotions Contagious?

Facebook emotions are contagious. Image by dhester.

Did Facebook manipulate your news feed in 2012? Social media giant experimented on users and found that happy posts make us happier and vice versa.

Adverse Childhood Experiences: Public Health Implications

ACEs cause poor health

Studies show that childhood trauma: abuse, neglect, parental depression or alcohol abuse, impacts kids through adulthood, resulting in poor health outcomes.