The Internet, Depression, and Older Americans

Old people and computers

Frequent Internet and computer use can be unhealthy for youth – but what about older Americans? New finds show the web warding off depression in old age.

Scourge of Long-Term Unemployment Hinders Mental Health


How does long-term unemployment, such as many suffer during an economic downturn, affect our mental health? Are the unemployed more likely to be depressed?

Does Using GPS to Track Children Provide False Security?

GPS may save fewer children than building a strong relationship. Image by taliesin.

A missing child is every parent’s worst nightmare.  Global positioning services or GPS offer a way to monitor your child’s location, but purchasing expensive cell phones for young children is not very practical. Now a device marketed for parents of four to eight year olds has hit the stores. The FiLP  can call up to five phone […]

Population Growth: An Ignored Quality of Life Issue

People strain the environment. Image by Alvimann.

Could excessive population growth be leading us to a reduction in quality of life? As there are more people, we’ll have less jobs and resources.

The Need for Veteran Courts: Helping Returning Military Integrate Into Society

Veterans Treatment Courts provide a needed intervention. Image by taliesin.

We can better meet the special needs of veteran offenders with a model similar to drug courts. Training social workers in veteran’s issues makes sense.