Zombie Simulation at Boy Scout Jamboree: Bioinformatics At Work

Get your zombie vaccine here! The Virginia Bioinformatics Institute Booth at this year's Boy Scout Jamboree is wildly popular. Image courtesy of Dr. Susan Collins.

The Virginia Bioinformatics Institute’s booth at this year’s Boy Scout Jamboree teaches kids about the spread of infectious disease via a zombie virus app.

Microsoft Released Windows 8.1: The Return of the Start Button

Windows 8 controversially removed the classic Start button. Image by 
See-ming Lee 李思明 SML

If you’re a Windows 8 user, you may have wondered what happened to your Start button – and how to get it back. Microsoft has solved the issue with Windows 8.1 Beta.

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Stonesoft Acquired by McAfee: How Does This Change the Computer Security World?

McAfee acquisition sees more protection against hackers. Image by devdsp

McAfee already provides firewall services, but the integration of high-security protection from Finland-based Stonesoft may offer a technological benefit.

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Internet Slow? The Techno Nuclear War Is the Reason

Spamhaus blacklist servers that typically send spam. Image by mikecogh

Have you noticed a slower connection speed lately? The Internet is the latest casualty in a distributed denial of service attack directed towards Spamhaus.

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HTML 5 Loophole: Get Ready for Mass Data Dumps on Your Computer

How long will it be for mischief to turn malicious? Image by Extra Ketchup

If you’re using any mainstream Internet browser except Firefox, your computer is vulnerable to mass data download due to a potential exploit of HTML 5.

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