The Chemistry Behind the Florida High School Explosion

Plastic can be deformed by high pressure. Photo by David Monniaux on Wikimedia.

A Florida student mixed toilet cleaner and aluminum foil while at school; forming gaseous hydrogen inside the bottle. The explosion resulted in the student’s expulsion.

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Roll Out the Simplest Mathematics Activity for Pi Day

Pi Day Pie : image by dano272

This simple math activity will help you calculate pi and various measurements of a circle, just in time for Pi Day, on March 14th.

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One Circular Math Activity for Pi Day

Compass Times Two : image by Mike DeHaan

Calculating pi by hand in honor of Pi Day on March 14th isn’t as difficult as you may think with this hands-on math activity.

The Buffon Needle Drop: a Math Activity for Pi Day

A Triangle for Trigonometry : image by Trigono_a10.svg: Dnu72

The Buffon Needle Drop problem sounds complex, but it’s an interesting and hands-on method of exploring calculations for pi, just in time for Pi Day.

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Mendel’s Peas: A DNA Experiment to do at Home

White clumps of DNA in solution. Photo by Naturkunste Museum, Berlin

Gregor Mendel was a nineteenth century monk who demonstrated the basic principles of genetic inheritance via his experiments with pea plants. The significance of Mendel’s work was not recognized until the twentieth century, when several scientists reproduced Mendel’s original experiments. He is now considered to be the founder of modern genetics. The following is a […]