Pi Day and the Speed of Light: What Do Pi and C Have in Common?


The two most famous ratios, one from math (pi) and the other from physics (c), both have a connection to March 14. What makes pi and c special in the number world?

Practical Uses of Matrix Mathematics

Surprisingly, we all use matrix in our daily lives. Image by Kkmann.

What are the practical use of matrices in day to day life? From computer-generated images to electrical circuits, matrix math serves us well.

Palindromic Dates: What is a Palindrome?

How old will you be on the next palindromic date in December 2021? Image by Decoded Science

You may know what a palindrome is, and even associate it with Napoleon, but what’s a palindromic date? When’s the next date fitting the palindromic format?

How Modal Logic Proved Gödel was Right, and God Exists

The Helix nebula has been dubbed the "Eye of God," by believers. Photo by ESA.

Does God exist? Modern software and math have verified Gödel’s proofs of a being that expresses all positive properties.

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Free Will, Determinism and Turing’s Halting Problem


MIT’s Seth Lloyd says a test for free will versus determinism must predict decisions accurately every time. How does the Turing Machine factor into this?

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